Oil Gorillas Services

Our Services Include:

Free used cooking oil collection:
There isn’t a job too big or too small. Our highly trained professional staff will make sure that you have a smile on your face when the job is done!

Oil Gorillas ServicesFree high quality storage container placement at your venue:
The type and size of the container will be based on your preference and space availability. All of our containers are manufactured from high gauge pressure tested steel and are sparkling clean. Sizes include: 35 Gallon drums, 55 Gallon drums and 250 Gallon drums. Don’t have any space for a storage container? We can pick up the grease in the 5 gallon containers as well!

Oil Gorillas ServicesGrease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance:
No one likes the smell of kitchen grease traps. Problems such as drain line blockage, back-ups, extremely foul odors and improper drainage can lead to serious issues, and major fines. Grease traps that are not cleaned regularly can cause overflows, which can back up the plumbing. Plumbing repairs are expensive. Our recommended scheduling program will help prevent any backups, foul odors and cooking oil overflows.

Scheduled routine pick-up:
As a restaurant owner, you have hundreds of responsibilities and shouldn’t have to worry about your waste or if your grease is overflowing. Our scheduling system ensures your container is emptied on time and will help prevent grease trap backups.

On-call services:
If you choose to not be placed on a routine schedule, you have the option of contacting us by making a phone call, sending a text message, or clicking this link (pickup request link) to request service. If it’s not an emergency, we will be there within 24 hours or sooner! In the event that you need immediate service, we are able to dispatch our drivers to get to you as fast as possible!

Oil Gorillas ServicesPrompt/friendly customer service:
Our clients are our priority and top notch customer service is our main objective. We want to see the big A letter ratings and we will do everything in our power to help you get there and stay there!

Documentation always provided to all of our customers:
We recommend that you keep our service receipts in the event that a health department official requests to see your service dates. Even if you lose them, we have every service order filed in our database and can always provide you another copy!

Cleaning and collection process:
Our trucks provide a much cleaner method of collecting your waste oil. There is NO LIFTING of your container. We keep your container clean and make sure to avoid spills. Our trucks are equipped with 200+ foot pump hoses allowing easy access to tight spaces without moving the container. Is your grease trap located on the 10th floor? In a basement with access only through a freight elevator? No problem! We have portable vacuum units that our pump operators can bring up or down with them!

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